The iPad As … (from EdTechTeacher)

I’ve written before about the great resources coming out of the EdTechTeacher group, but I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned this one yet! Their “iPad As…” page is a great place to go if you want to find ideas for how to use the iPad to accomplish a particular classroom activity or task.

The page is organized in a grid of various tasks (record a video, answer questions, create digital stories, etc.). When you click on a task, you are presented with a list of apps they recommend for that task with a description, usefulness, and ease of use ratings for each.

Check it out at


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5 Tips for Better Managing iPad Memory – from TeachThought


Like many others, you may be experiencing the squeeze of the 16GB storage capacity of your iPad. Here’s an article from with some good tips about how to manage the limited resource that is your iPad’s memory.

5 Tips for Better Managing iPad Memory” – from

If Robots Will Run the World, What Should Students Learn? – from Edudemic

As automation and artificial intelligence become more and more of a reality in daily life, what are the things that our students must learn? Katrina Schwartz¬†addresses¬†this question on the Edudemic blog…

If Robots Will Run the World, What Should Students Learn? – Edudemic