Google Drive app for iOS gets a big update!

If you use Google Docs then you know it is an outstanding platform for managing your work in the cloud, and gives you some great collaboration tools. You also know that it is painfully limited on iPads and other mobile devices. Back in June, Google released a Google Drive app for iOS, but it did not provide much functionality over what was already available through a mobile browser (which was pretty much none).

Well today Google released a significant update to the Drive app. Among the new features are the ability to store files locally for offline viewing, the ability to access presentations, the ability to edit documents, and the ability to see and make real-time edits in shared documents. Yes, you read that correctly, you can now enjoy the same real-time collaboration on your iPad that was previously only available on a computer!

Because this update came out only a few hours ago, I’m still working through the finer points of what the app can do. But I have tested the real-time editing, and it does work. This is a huge leap forward for Google, and brings some real usability to Google Drive (aka Docs) in our classrooms… particularly when you consider the fact that students can link their Google Docs account to their Schoology account…

There’s more to come from this, but you can check it out for yourself at Google’s website or by watching the video they’ve put on YouTube today.

UPDATE – It seems that right now you can only create documents (not spreadsheets or presentations) in the app, but you can edit files of those types that originated in the desktop platform…


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